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Nash Dwarf Cork Handle Carp Rods Review

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A very solid and compact rod. It looks stunning and does the job brilliantly.

The Nash Dwarf Cork Handle Carp Rods are some of the best rods I have ever used for coarse angling. These are definitely suited to a wide variety of species from roach and perch all the way to carp and pike. This range of rods makes it to the top of my list of best carp rods under £100.

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Available in sizes from 6ft to 10ft and test curves between 2lb and 3.5lb. These shorter sized carp rods are perfect for both margin fishing and fishing from a boat.


These rods are designed to merge both modern and contemporary rod designs. For example, the cork handle is a classic example of what makes this rod so beautiful. While the blanks are made from a modern carbon and have a sleek design.

Technical Details

  • 6ft to 10ft Blanks
  • 2lb-3.5lb Test Curves
  • Cork Handled

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This rod is something special, not too often do shorter carp rods excite many people. But the mix of beauty and brilliant design makes this quite a wonderful rod. Nash has worked with Angling Direct who are exclusively releasing these dwarf carp rods.

Mixing classical features with modern manufacturing Nash has made a gorgeous rod which reminds me of some expensive rods which were passed down to me in the past.

This range of carp rods has the sleek modern blanks you would expect but with a full-size cork handle rather than the more common EVA foam. This really makes them more beautiful and is probably the most iconic feature rods in the past used.

Unlike the most common carp rods, these have been made with transportation in mind. These have been made easy to fit into any car. Starting from 6ft and reaching 10ft the dwarf carp rods are well suited to margin fishing, canal fishing and fishing from a boat.

But if you are the type of angler who spends time on lakes with islands that you need to cast to, avoid them. While these rods have a pretty accurate cast, they are pretty limited with distance casting.

The biggest positive from these rods is the feeling you get when playing a fish. They really are super enjoyable to use. they remind me of when I was younger and just getting into angling.

For me though, these rods lack a little something and are now reserved as a fun experience. Something to use on canal or river fishing or if I’m going to a small coarse fishery. But its always one of the first rods ill show off when someone enters my angling den at home (AKA the garage).

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