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Maver Reality Feeder Rods Review

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This Range of 4 Rods made for commercial fisheries are very well priced and do the job great!

These short modern commercial rods are great both in terms of how well they perform, but the versatility too. Coming with 2 tips ranging in action you can adapt the rod to each situation you find yourself in. Only Small fish biting, change for the faster action quiver tip. Need to cast a bit longer, change to the heavier tip. This makes it a really great value feeder rod. If you want to take a look at other rods which do the same job, at the same price range then check out our article on our favourite feeder rods under £50.

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Available in 4 sizes ranging from 9ft through 12ft. With a casting weight of 70g-80g. Remember feeder rods are measured by the weight they cast and not a test curve.


Thin, lightweight black blanks with changeable quiver tips. Nicely lengthened cork and EVA foam handle which fits great on your forearms.

Technical Details

  • 9ft to 12ft Blanks
  • 70-80g Cast Weight
  • Cork + EVA Foam Handle

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These excellent, light two and three-piece feeder rods designed by Maver are the perfect matches for commercial match fishing. They are strong enough but responsive enough for both carp and much smaller fish alike.

The two-piece variety are designed for coarse lakes where casting accuracy is one of the most important features. This is especially true if you are looking to cast out near an island in the middle of a lake.

The through action is a great match for common carp which are going to need a little bit of play to get them in the landing net while being forgiving enough to not lose out on any of the more boisterous smaller fish which tend to shake the hook out their mouth.

Packing down into two equal-sized lengths these rods are really easy to throw into the boot of your car and take with you to the fishery, which is great. After all, it’s a waste of time to set your rod up if you can get it ready before you even leave the house.

While this is designed for match fishing, both the two and three-piece rods are perfect all-rounders and given they are supplied with 2 quiver tips which vary in action, are well suited to rivers too. If you need something a little more or less responsive you need only change the tips to the more appropriate action.

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