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Best Time For Pike Fishing

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When Is Pike Fishing Season

You can fish for pike year round. However, pike fishing is primarily a winter sport in the UK. Pike fishing season runs from October to march and coincides with the largest the fish will be. Prior to spawning in the warmer months of spring and summer a female pike may be 5-6 pounds heavier. 

Pike can be caught during the warmer months, but you are disturbing them during the spawning months. If you chose to fish for pike during the spring and summer you should ALWAYS use lures. Lures you can use for pike are spinners, plugs and spoons. If you use deadbait during this time, pike will likely swallow and get deephooked.

Check our guide on the best lures for pike fishing.

During the summer months, the oxygen levels in the water are at their lowest. And contrary to popular belief pike are actually more fragile and do not respond well to being removed from water for too long. So if you really want to protect the fish then its much more responsible to keep to the autumn and winter months.

Best Time Of The Day For Pike Fishing

The best time of the day to catch pike is early morning to afternoon. This is when pike feed, usually on smaller species like perch. 

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