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Best Time For Mackerel Fishing

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When Is Mackerel Fishing Season

The best time to fish for mackerel is during spring and summer months. This is when Mackerel migrate to the uk shores to feed. During the autumn and winter months when the water temperature cools, mackerel migrate away to warmer waters to spawn. Mackerel fishing season tends to start in March and finish around October.

Mackerel can be caught during the autumn months around the south coast of the uk thanks to rising sea temperatures and in general mackerel are arriving at uk shores earlier and leaving later each year.

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Best Time Of The Day For Mackerel Fishing

There is no best time of the day to catch Mackerel, they arrive in large shoals to feed during the summer months. Because of this you can often find anglers fishing all day catching large amounts of Mackerel.

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