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Best Tackle Seat Boxes Under £150

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10 Best Fishing Seat Boxes Under £150

Formerly, fishing seats and tackle boxes were designed and manufactured for you to sit on and carry around your gear easily but not anymore. Today, you can rely on the most high-quality seat boxes to attain a stable platform to fish and keep everything safe that is needed for the duration of your fishing expedition.

These boxes are, no doubt, the classic way to transport, store, and organize your fishing supplies and equipment. For a lot of people, an angler’s gearbox is just a basic tool-styled plastic/metal container with a handle and lock. These days, the best fishing seat boxes are different from what they used to be. However, most of them are still made of hard plastic material, but they now have backpacks and additional soft-sided bags.

In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the best fishing seat boxes of 2020 that are the best-selling products on the market right now. From high-end products to the budget boxes, we have a variety of seat boxes for you to consider and ponder over. However if your budget is in the 100-200 range then check out our fishing seat boxes under £200.

Every product in our list looks great and is much more functional than any other competitor product in the market. Our top picks come with a decent and sophisticated organizing system that provides almost every type of storage option or feature to make your fishing experience easy and joyful.

If you are also looking to buy a high-quality fishing seat box in 2020 for organizing, storing and carrying your fishing enticements, hooks, floats, baits, sinkers, and lines along with other necessary tools and supplies, take a good look at all the boxes we have reviewed for you below. 

The Best Tackle Seatbox Under £150

TF Gear Waterproof Seat Box

TF Gear, also known as Total Fishing Gear, is a name that is synonymous with excellence and quality. Every item is manufactured and launched in a rigorous standard. The TF Gear Deluxe Carp Match Sea Fishing Waterproof Seat Box is a perfect choice for people who like coarse and freshwater fishing.

With this fishing gear, you can now make the transportation of your fishing gear easy and convenient, thanks to the lightweight yet tough build of the box. This box has a very substantial plastic construction and also features large storage capacity for storing and holding your gear and tackle.

The main compartment of the box is easy to access. You can use the two given plastic latches and benefit from its hinged lid design to carry it wherever you want. You can even close the box tightly and securely using the plastic latch closures.
Moreover, it comes with a free padded seat cushion to provide more comfort during break time. The padded shoulder strap is effective for convenient transportation. The overall seat box is black in color and also displays a characteristic TFG logo on the front.


  • Large design and generous capacity
  • Comfortable padded shoulder strap
  • Free padded seat cushion
  • Versatile and waterproof 
  • Super tough and robust design


  • Push buttons are a bit stiff

Fishingmad Fishing Seat Box With Strap And Cushion

From its color, to appearance, and all the way to its performance and functionality, Fishingmad Fishing Seat Box with strap and cushion is your perfect fishing companion in 2020. A lot of buyers who were tired of trying all sorts of carryalls and seats in the past are now the biggest fan of this brand and product.

Nothing can even come close to the versatility of this product. The different features, aspects, and elements of this seat work so efficiently that it is hard to find anything better.

This fishing seat box will be delivered at your doorstep fully amassed, featuring a cushion, a carry strap, and two side trays. This box is lightweight yet very durable and is also completely waterproof, so you can take it almost anywhere you are going. The enormous storage space is another win-win for the user.

All the accessories of the box are interchangeable with Shakespeare Team seat box and Daiwa TD seat box that are of the same size, so you have nothing to worry about. Another best thing about this box is that it gives good value for the money.


  • Comes complete with carry strap and cushion 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Enormous storage space 
  • Best for both sea and coarse fishing
  • Four free seat box vinyl stickers


  • It does not have an internal tray

Shakespeare Fishing Seat Box

There is no doubt about the fame and popularity of this fishing seat box in the world. This is the main reason why the manufacturers of the original box have given this product an updated design and new look. Even after incorporating so many new features and elements, Shakespeare Fishing Seat Box is still the most durable gear made from filled-polypropylene.

It now comes with improved water resistance and a twin catch style locking system to ensure that your fishing equipment is dry and safe. The durable polypropylene base, along with an extra deep storage lid, can provide you with the storage room that is more than enough to keep your bait, accessories, and tackle.

Also, there is a side tray and a comfortable padded carry strap, which makes it a great entry-level seat box to accommodate everything you want to take along your expedition. The improved water resistance makes it more durable and long-lasting, so you can comfortably and confidently handle all the fishing conditions.

So, if you are looking for a product to get yourself off a great start at fishing, without wasting a lot of money, the Shakespeare Fishing Seat Box is everything you should look for in the market.


  • New design
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Additional storage with an extra-deep lid
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Comes with a shoulder strap


  • It doesn’t come with a seat cushion

MDI Fishing Seat & Tackle Box

MDI’s fishing seat boxes and other products are a favorite for many fishermen, and this particular product is among the best-selling boxes you will ever find in the market. 

The best thing about  MDI Fishing Seat & Tackle Box is that it features spacious bulk storage and organization area. There is a huge space for weights, baits, leaders, and lures, which is perfect for people who are looking for a super-compact yet spacious seat box. 

This heavy-duty set and the amazing accessory box is a great choice for almost all types of fishing, and even though it might take up to 20 stones in weight, it is still worth your consideration. 

It is ideal for junior anglers who wish to carry every gear to the shore because it is a bit smaller and compact than the standard fishing seat boxes out there. This box has a huge base compartment and also features complete four snap shut compartments with removable dividers.


  • An ideal choice for short fishing sessions
  • Best for roaming anglers
  • The softcover makes seating very comfortable
  • Compact size
  • Great for just about any type of fishing


  • Might be too compact for some people

Michigan Fishing Tackle Seat Box With Padded Shoulder Strap & Seat Pad

If you are looking for the cheapest yet a great product for on-the-go fishing, look no further than Michigan Fishing Tackle Seat Box. 

The Michigan Fishing Tackle Seat Box is unquestionably a handy piece of equipment for every keen angler out there. It is a seat box that you can use to store and organize all of your fishing gear, thanks to the handy dividers, compartments, and comfortable seating all in one. It is light in weight but still the most durable on the list. 

It comes with a large 18-liter compartment, which is ideal for storing all the large fishing items tackling gears, cooking equipment, and even clothing. The padded seat makes sure that you are comfortably seated on the box, no matter how much time it takes for you to get a catch. The locking clips are durable and strong to keep your fishing equipment safe and secure. 

Furthermore, there are four small tackle boxes you can use to organize our fishing accessories and a dividable top compartment to let you decide how to organize your belongings.  


  • Comfortable padded strap
  • 18L main compartment capacity
  • Several dividers for ideal storage
  • Strong and durable yet lightweight
  • Seat pad and strong locking clips are included


  • Smaller than expected

Arapaima Fishing Equipment® Tackle Seat Box '4-drawer' Fishing Box with padded Seat

This top-rated, best-selling fishing seat box is roomy, durable, and highly suggested for use when going for almost all sorts of fishing in all kinds of conditions and other outdoor activities. 

The feature that makes this seat box stand out among all is its well-constructed body backed by a warranty from the manufacturer. The pockets and spacious compartments of the box can keep everything properly organized and easily accessible. It is comfortable to carry around and is quite voluminous as well. 

The box features three flat drawers and a spacious main compartment that has a lot of space for your every fishing equipment. Due to the presence of lightweight aluminum in its construction, you can easily transport this fishing case by using the given shoulder strap. 

The well-padded seat of Arapaima Fishing Equipment Tackle Seat Box gives you a convenient and comfortable alternative to a standard, traditional fishing chair available in the market. Another unique feature of this product is its removable, integrated fodder bowl that is ideal for keeping and storing feed and baits during fishing. 

All thanks to the various drawers of the box, lines, lures, floats, and other necessary items that are easy to store and are always at hand when required. 


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Aluminum construction
  • Large food tray
  • The seat is thickly padded
  • Strong carry strap


  • Too light for some users

Fishingmad Fishing Tackle Seat Box, with Carry Strap and Seat Pad

Some fishing seat boxes, particularly the ones at the higher end of the market, can be quite expensive. However, it is unnecessary to pay a huge amount of money for a good-quality, well-made product. If you are looking for a budget-friendly fishing set box, Fishingmad Fishing Tackle Seat Box is the only option you should consider. 

The manufacturers of this product know exactly what their target customers are looking for. This affordable box is a prime example of quality and excellence. It is a neatly made box crafted from moulded plastic. It features a plethora of spacious and roomy compartments that make it well worth your contemplation. 

The 18-liter main compartment is more than enough for you to keep and store anything that you want for your next fishing trip. Though the box is not as large as some of the other products in this list, it is adequate enough to stay in the game. The lid comes with a collection of various handy and easy to seal compartments. 

The tray on top of the seat is also divided and removable and comes with a neoprene pad for enhanced comfort. 


  • Locking tabs and carry strap
  • Sturdy and affordable
  • Presence of lid compartments
  • Four handy lure compartments 
  • Neoprene seat pad


  • Padding is a bit thin for some users

Koala Products Team Fishing Tackle Seat Box, Cushion, Side Tray & Padded Strap

This best-selling seat box in the history of fishing seat boxes is still going very strong. It is still among most angler’s first choices when it comes to high-quality fishing equipment. You can use it for just about every fishing situation and condition required. 

We have selected this particular product from the extensive range of Koala products because it is a great choice for all the serious fishermen out there. It is sure to satisfy beginner as well as professional match fishermen with its impressive build and features. 

This seat box is made from high-quality, lightweight polypropylene material. The super-soft padded seat cushion makes it a great choice for individuals whose main concern is convenience and comfort. Though the seat box is lightweight, when it comes to its strength and durability, the users have found it to be a strong and reliable product. 

With its amazing looks, free removable bait waiter side tray, it holds exceptional value for almost every angler out there.


  • Compact size
  • Lightweight and high-quality
  • Strong and tough
  • Great value for money
  • Removable bait waiter side tray


  • Straps are in the wrong place

Rodeel Fishing Seat Box Cantilever Trays Fishing Tackle Box with Padded Strap & Seat Pad Tough Box

With convenient use and large storage area for storing fishing articles, Rodeel Fishing Seat Box is one of the finest products on the market.  

The four white boxes of the product can be opened to keep all the items; the transparent color design promotes the easy access and identification of different fishing accessories during a fishing expedition. The elaborate design of the box makes it an ideal choice for anglers who like to own fishing gears of different sizes. 

Underneath the lid, the seat box contains a black lattice of multiple sizes that can be assembled/disassembled when required. The black mat offers a clean place to sit when you are fishing by the lake, stream, or beach. You can simply sit on the box and enjoy your fishing time. 

The broad cantilever rope reduces the pressure of the box hanging over the shoulder. Simply button up the box and bring it to your boat or sea fishing area. On each shelf of the box, two dividers make good size compartments for different tackle types. 

In general, this fishing seat box is a fishing companion that is worth having, thanks to its exquisite technical design and innovative appearance.


  • High-quality plastic buttons
  • Easy to use
  • Two trays cantilever and black rubber pad
  • Elegant appearance
  • Unique design


  • Poor quality clips for lid securing

NGT Fishing Green Seat Box with Harness Rucksack Converter Includes Side Tray

This small and affordable box is a must-have fishing gear in 2020. It is highly compact yet big enough for anyone to fit almost every fishing and tackle accessories for a fishing day out. It is not just perfect for beginners, but even professional match anglers can use it for their trips to streams, lakes, and ponds.

The box is quite easy to carry and is best suited for shore fishing when the user is moving up and down the stream. It comes complete with four storage compartments within the given lid as well as the shoulder strap. The overall package also includes a side tray so you can clip on to the seat box during fishing. 

The system features an overwrap canvas that has additional external pockets for better storage and organizing. You can even turn this into a rucksack and transport to and from your desired destination with ease.


  • Can be used as a rucksack
  • Inner trays in the lid
  • Easy to carry
  • Ideal for short sessions
  • Incorporated cushion for more comfort


  • Needs more padding

How To Choose The Best Fishing Seat Box Under £150

There are many factors, elements, and features to consider when buying a fishing seat box. A box that is a perfect match for one angler might be a completely wrong choice for another. This is the main reason why it is very important to pick a fishing seat box with unique, advanced features and good customer ratings/reviews.  

In this buying guide, we are going to list down some of the most crucial factors and features that are important to acknowledge before making a final decision. Read out the article to get fully informed about multiple possibilities and the ways to find the best product according to your needs by using surefire criteria. 

Size Of The Fishing Seat Box

When searching for the best product in the market, size is one of the most significant factors to consider. Every fisherman needs a box that is large enough to store all of his fishing supplies while still being compact and easy to carry around. Though you may be tempted to go for the largest product available out there, but first, try to know if you need all the extra storage space or not. 

To get the right-sized box, you can compare the size of the product with your closet. You can easily go for an extra-large, heavy-duty box with multiple storage compartments to fit your gear and tackle. Alternatively, you can size down and choose the item based on particular equipment that you might need for a trip.  

Bigger is indeed a better option, but when fishing seat boxes are concerned, you should always go for a mid-sized option that is spacious yet portable. 

Space And Room

Before buying a good quality fishing seat box, you should also consider the amount of room and space available and if it can help you keep your tools and supplies. A good box should have sufficient space for your every requirement alongside multiple trays and compartments to keep your gears separate, easy to spot/access, and neatly organized.

If you are a multi-space angler or like to go on extended fishing adventures with multiple baits and lures, go for a product with as much space as possible. If you go for fishing only occasionally, look for a standard box with just enough room for your stuff. 

Hard fishing boxes usually come with sliding drawers or folding trays, so it is easy for the user to keep fishing gear organized and separated. Moreover, they feature space on top of the box for keeping bigger items like tools, reels, and spools, etc.  

Soft fishing boxes, on the other hand, comes with inner adjustable compartments, and spaces/hoops for attachment accessories like rods. They also have multiple exterior pockets and removable trays, so they are also adaptable and easy to organize.


Get a fishing seat box with enough storage space to keep your gear safe before and after fishing. Ensure that the product has plenty of storage options both outside and inside of the box to make it easy for you to organize and access everything required on the trip.


The material of the fishing seat box depends majorly on its design and style. Hard case boxes are usually made from plastic or metal, whereas soft case boxes are of polyester and sometimes nylon. None of these materials can be considered supreme, as all of them have their own pros and cons.

Plastic is very light in weight. It is also easy to clean, does not retain odor, and is corrosion-free. Metal is considered more durable than plastic, but at times, it is prone to rust subjected to the kind of alloy used in its manufacturing. Fabric is even more lightweight as compared to plastic.  But the biggest advantage is the pliable qualities that make it easier to compress while traveling.  

However, there is a foolproof way to make sure that the fishing box’s material lives up to your expectations.

Ensure that the material of the box is of high-grade quality. Make sure it is BPA free and non-toxic (if plastic). If you prefer nylon, assure that it is of durable variety like ripstop nylon with waterproof coating. Metal is a great choice, and if you want to buy one, go for a corrosion-free model, for example, stainless steel.

Regardless of the material you want to buy, remember that quality is the key to a good experience. Check out the customer reviews and ratings about a particular product to be sure of its water-resistance, quality, wear/tear, and durability. Though it may be a lengthy process, but if you want your product to perform efficiently in the long run, do your thorough research before buying.


If you want to buy a fishing box with the intention of using it for a long, long time to come, then look for a model that has good value for money.

Fishing seat boxes made from hard plastic are the best in terms of durability. They are also quite strong and waterproof. Boxes with other materials are usually never completely waterproof, and they also don’t last as long as the plastic ones. 

To ensure you are buying a durable product, choose a box that is well-made and well-constructed. Hardened or molded plastic boxes provide better resistance against staining, weather, and wear/tear and are also not susceptible to damage even if exposed to water for a longer duration.  

Also, make sure that the handles and hinges of the box are strong and functional. If resistance against water is your main concern,  make sure that the box is fully waterproof and doesn’t leak while fishing. 


Another important factor to consider before buying a fishing seat box is its compactness and portability. Make sure that the product you are buying can be carried to different areas appropriately and easily. It should come with an adjustable carry strap or shoulder strap for convenient travel and access to fishing gear. 

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