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Best Margin Pole Under £50

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Best Budget Pole Under £50
Shakespeare Omni Put in Pole
11m Margin Pole
Best Value Pole under £50
Middy Baggin Machine
5.5m Margin Pole
Best Margin Pole Under £50
Mitchell Impact Put Over Poles
7m Margin Pole

Margin poles come in a whole host of sizes and some can range up into the £10,000’s. But fishing with a pole can be some of the most fun. There are tonnes of fish lurking in the margins waiting for anglers to toss in their unused bait. 

Margin poles are often one of the easiest ways to catch fish too. They require very little set up and since they don’t have a reel are pretty quick to set up and dismantle. You would think with poles being simple they would also be cheap. But it’s hard to find a good fishing pole under £50.

In this guide we are going to review the best margin poles under £50. These are all quality options for this price point and whether you are a beginner or avid angler you will love using them.

1. Mitchell Impact Put Over Poles

Our first margin pole to be reviewed is the Impact Put Over Pole by Mitchell. Mitchell is one of the best pole brands in this price range and offers an excellent range of well constructed poles. This range of telescopic margin poles comes in 3 sizes, 6 meters, 7 meters and 8 meters. These poles are made from fiber glass which means they are extremely strong and durable allowing you to catch heavy carp without worrying the pole will break.

The 7 meter variation is made from 7 fiber glass pieces and sports a cork and EVA foam handle making it comfortable to fish with for longer periods of time. It’s also extremely well priced as a beginner margin pole. The 8 meter variation might be slightly better but its not worth the extra £20. However if you don’t mind spending a little extra then the 8 meter variation will be a more versatile option when you are fishing from less accessible banks.

You can get this pole for around £40 so it really is the best margin pole under £50.


  • Carbon composite blank construction
  • Parabolic action
  • Braid resistant guides
  • Quality EVA and cork handle material


  • An older model

2. Middy Baggin Machine 5.5m Pole-Whip

Our next margin pole is made by another great brand; Middy, who specialises in match fishing tackle are world renowned for their more pricey pole models. This model is considerably shorter though reaching 5.5 meters. This makes it one of the lightest margin poles and makes it a well suited margin pole for children or those who don’t have a lot of upper body strength. 

Known for making match and competition poles, Middy has designed a watered down but durable margin pole. The pole itself is 5 meters long but Middy includes a free 0.5m top kit which extends the total length to 5.5m. It also has three tip options; two of which are pre elasticated with different grades of strength and one flick tip.

The pre elasticated sections come with 14lb and 6lb strength so if you are going after carp you will need to buy elastics which have a higher strength. You can also elastic the pole yourself with upto 24lb strength elastic which will cover all but the biggest carp.  

Not only do they include the extension, they also include a ready rig and a free disgorger. You can get this pole on amazon but i managed to find it on for £15 less. This makes it the best value margin pole under £50


  • Light and accessible
  • Ready to fish out the box  
  • A free Rig and Disgorger
  • 3 different tip options
  • Free 0.5. extension


  • A little short

3. Middy Bomb Proof Margin Beast Pole

The 3rd margin pole on our list is another one from Middy. While similar, this pole is 5.12 meters and is made for a slightly different purpose. This is even lighter than the previous pole (660grams) and is again a well suited margin pole for children or those who don’t have a lot of upper body strength.

This pole is more similar to the expensive poles that Middy are known for manufacturing. This pole is not pre elasticated and unlike the Middy baggin machine, this can handle seriously big fish. Rated for 35 lb elastic strength (as opposed to the 24lb baggin machine) this is meant for margin fishing big carp. Much like the more expensive poles.

While this model does not include the two end kits the baggin machine does, you can buy them as an added extra for around half the price of the pole. This does keep the pole under £50 which is excellent value for a margin pole. This is another pole which i found cheaper on You can also buy the extra top kits there.

This is the best margin pole for carp fishing under £50.


  • Light and accessible 
  • Suitable for 35lb elastics
  • Pre-brushed tip
  • Top kits can be purchases separately


  • A little short

4. Shakespeare Omni Put in Pole

The next pole on our list is made by the american company Shakespeare. Shakespeare produces some of the best angling gear on the market; from rods and reels to chairs and lures. And this margin pole is no different.

This pole is available at two lengths, 7 and 8 meters and is by far the best budget margin pole. In fact you can purchase both the 7 and 8 meter versions for £50. The poles are made from high quality fiberglass which ensures they are durable enough for fishing. They come with either 7 or 8 sections 1 meter in length. 

The only downside to these poles is the elastics which are rated at 8lbs. This is to be expected and is the reason these poles are such good value for money. If you are looking to go after large carp then these are not the poles for the job. 

But for most people who are simply trying to catch fish like perch and other smaller fish in the margins then this is a great option. The ebay price I could find was at

This is the best budget margin pole under £50.


  • One of the longest at this price point
  • Manufactured by a reputable brand
  • Ideal beginners margin pole


  • Elastic Strength of 8lbs

5. Mitchell Impact R Tele Pole

Our next margin pole is the Mitchell Impact R Tele Pole. This is basically the newer Impact model that we reviewed above. Whilst this pole is arguably better, it’s also a little more expensive. The Impact R comes in 3 sizes, 4 meters, 5 meters and 6 meters.

The most popular length for this model is the 6m model which is still a little more expensive than the 7 meter Impact Put Over Pole. While the 4m version offers a fantastic value proposition. However the Baggin machine beats this in value.

When it comes to improvements, the list is short. The build materials have improved and MX carbon fiber is used to give this pole added durability. Not something that the older model lacked.


  • Modern and subtle look and feel
  • Manufactured by a reputable brand
  • Modern and subtle look and feel


  • Not as good value as older model

6. Lineaeffe Fissa Next 6m

The Lineaeffe Fissa pole fishing rod is a great option for all the anglers who wish to buy a fishing pole that lasts long while still not creating a massive dent in their pocket. This fishing pole is known among the customers for its durability, functionality, and strength.

The product’s construction makes it easy for you to handle big fish, while the sensitivity of the pole can easily detect the shrewdest of the bites in water. 

This pole is available in a single size but features a variety of line ratings. However, the versatility of this product is not what makes it a favorite choice among professional and new anglers. It is its 2-3 years warranty that no other manufacturer offers in the market. The telescopic pole is made of high-density carbon fiber with an EVA grip to make sure you land the catch confidently and easily.  

The overall pole is sturdily constructed and very well worth of your every penny. The additional stuff can be bought separately; you can buy better lines, lures, and weights and support a better fishing experience even more.


  • A perfect blend of sensitivity and strength
  • Durable and affordable
  • Six sections
  • 2-3 years of warranty


  • A little heavy for some users


The best margin pole under 50 is the Mitchell Impact Put Over Poles. This is a fantastic margin pole and provides great value for money. It’s combination of strength and lightweight design really put this into first place. And far exceeds its £40 price tag.

In second we have the Middy Baggin Machine. This pole is slightly shorter at 5.5 meters but also cheaper. This is the best value for money margin pole. This is a great pole for beginners as its so light and affordable.

And the best budget margin pole under £50 is the Shakespeare omni Put in Pole. While this isn’t strong enough to go after bigger carp. Its very affordable and is designed for those looking to catch smaller fish in the margins such as perch and roach.

We have made this list as beginner friendly as possible, so no matter which pole you go for you will not be disappointed. Finding a pole which matches your angling ambitions is one of the most important factors when deciding which margin pole you should buy. If you are still not sure what you should consider when purchasing a margin pole then read our buyers guide below and find out how you can make an informed decision.

Margin Pole Buying Guide

Like buying anything, you want to make sure you make the most of your money. With so many options on the market these days it can be a little confusing. Almost all the margin poles under 50 made from the same materials and are around the same size, so it can be difficult to tell the difference.

With our guide below, we have made choosing which margin pole is right for you easy. Meaning you won’t overpay or buy something which cant do what you want it to.

Balance And Weight

As poles increase in length it becomes increasingly more difficult to control. Some poles are not designed well and you cannot use them at full length as they are not balanced. Because of this the effective length is often 50-75%.

The margin poles on this list are all well made and this isn’t something you need to worry about. But if you are shopping around, make sure to consider if the pole you are looking at has this covered.

Accuracy Of The Pole

One of the things that makes pole fishing easy is that you do not have to cast. You simply lower the hook into the water where you place your pole.  So thankfully this is not something you need to worry about either. 

Pole Length

Following on from the balance and weight of the pole, the length of pole should reflect your strength. Shorter poles are great for younger anglers. Be aware that some lengthy poles are difficult to maneuver on and off the lake.

Poles which allow you to change the terminal tackle easily, hooks and floats, make more sense. A lot of companies will throw in different top sections allowing you to easily switch up your rig.

Another thing to consider is where you are going to fish. some lakes and rivers have narrow margins which means a shorter pole will suffice. I would usually suggest going for a pole as close to 8 meters as possible. If you have a much larger budget then you can go for poles as long as 14-16 meters.

Extra Top Kits

Top kits range in function. Some allow you to precisely drop bait on your hook while others increase the length of the pole. These spare packages allow you to place the loose feed and ground-bait exactly where it should be. They lead to accuracy, which results in a better and more successful fishing experience. 

Final Thoughts

This is our list of the best margin poles under £50. Whilst there are many options to choose from i would recommend the Middy Baggin Machine if you are looking for a good deal. The Shakespeare Omni Put in Pole if you have a very small budget. The Mitchell Impact Put Over Poles if you are looking for a great margin pole just below the £50 price point. And last but not least the Middy Bomb Proof Margin Beast Pole if you are targeting large carp on a small budget.

Before you head to a store or buy online, make sure to consider these criteria to find your perfect margin pole. Enjoy your fishing and see you in our next guide!

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