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Best Landing Nets 2020

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Top 8 Best Landing Nets 2020

There are so many ways for people to enjoy their trips or vacations. Some of them like to go to faraway places; others prefer camping in the woods while some opt for fishing. If you also enjoy fishing, it is never too late to look for the best available landing nets in the market since it is an important piece of your tackle.  

The most high-quality landing net has a single task to perform i.e., to land the fish, usually carp effectively and efficiently without causing any sort of damage to your fish. A cheap or inexpensive landing net may break easily by accidentally treading over it during the night.   There are so many designs, colors, and handle lengths to choose from, but it is better to go for a quality product and reputable brand.

Going through hundreds and thousands of products available today, choosing the best one out there can be very daunting. Lucky for you, we have put together a list of some of the best landing nets of 2020 to help you cut to the chase and buy the most quality product ever. 

HEYOMART Fishing Landing Net

The HEYOMART Fishing Landing Net is a beauty that is sure to cradle your catch and allow you to land even large with a great deal of confidence and convenience. 

The best part of this landing net is its anti-skid and foldable design. It is only 42 cm or 16.5 inches long once folded so you can easily put it in your backpack and take along your outdoor expeditions with ease. The handle of the net is made out of the aluminum tube, which is also foldable and anti-skid. Such features make HEYOMART Fishing Landing Net a slippery and lightweight product that is easy to control and comfortable to hold. 

The net itself is made from rubber-impregnated mesh with a non-absorbent coating that will not damage or hurt fish scales. It can also prevent the net from waterlogging, odor absorption, and bacteria production. Both sides of this landing net come with a fixed aluminum tube, which is quite solid and robust.  

The three-section telescopic design has a total length of 1.3m. The folded length is 42 cm, and the weight is only 0.7 pounds. The telescoping pole of the net comes with 3 extensions so you can adjust the length according to your requirement. The fishing net mesh material can get snagged very easily, and the locking mechanism for telescopic pole is also easy to open and fasten. 


  • Gentle on catches
  • Sturdy and robust net
  • Extra-long handle for improved reach
  • Easy to carry around due to less weight


  • No carrying case is included

Lixada Fly Fishing Landing Net Wooden Handle Frame Catch

The best landing net in the market will only be able to perform its function if it has been constructed and crafted perfectly for the catch. It all begins with the right kind of handle and other necessary things. Especially for novices, it is very important to consider that they should opt for a complete package like Lixada Fly Fishing Landing Net Wooden Handle Frame Catch. 

This landing net has a durable and solid aluminum alloy opening frame. This strength and reliability come handy for people who wish to use the product for a long time to come. The foldable and compact design of the net makes it one of the finest options we have on this list. You simply have to push the button to fold the landing net, which is made from strong nylon material.  

The rubber coating nylon net of Lixada Fly Fishing Landing Net Wooden Handle Frame Catch is quite intensive and deep. These two qualities make it super easy for you to catch the fish of your choice and release it in your storage box. 

The net of this product features a special coating that can guard against the hook points that might get stuck in the net while fishing. The aluminum alloy build of the handle with an ABS handhold edge makes it feel good in your hands during landing. 


  • Solid and durable frame
  • Compact and foldable design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • An excellent choice for fly fishing


  • Only suitable for  a certain type of fishing

Sonik Vader X Meshed Lightweight Slimline Super Stiff Carp Fishing Nets

The spreader block of the net is elegantly crafted like a garden hoe from reinforced carbon composite. The open mid-section is great for packing the mesh into the net to keep it out of harm’s way. When a fish comes near the mesh, it simply unfolds and changes into its full size. 

It also features a laser and anodized etched butt cap with a black matt finish to the handle to match perfectly with the rods by the same manufacturer. 

The spreader block of the net is elegantly crafted like a garden hoe from reinforced carbon composite. The open mid-section is great for packing the mesh into the net to keep it out of harm’s way. When a fish comes near the mesh, it simply unfolds and changes into its full size. 

It also features a laser and anodized etched butt cap with a black matt finish to the handle to match perfectly with the rods by the same manufacturer. 


  • Soft, deep mesh 
  • Easy and quick arm detachment
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a custom bag


  • Hex mesh is too soft
  • As of writing this, its out of stock

Fox EOS Landing Net

Fox International is a decisively established, one of the most leading tackle manufacturers in the world. With each passing day, the company is growing from power to power and is now proudly selling more than 3000 different types of tackle gears in more than 30 countries. 

The Fox EOS Landing Net is the most prominent product of the company. It is made from 100% pure polyester. The mesh of this landing net is not just very soft; it is also fish-friendly, thus a great choice for the best cap lending nets on the market.

The most noticeable thing about Fox EOS Landing Net is its extremely deep net that enables you to land large carp without going through any problem. The six feet handle is very strong and made from high modulus carbon, which is typically used for making carp rods. This material offers a good amount of give when you want to lift out from the water or try to get your catch under control. 

The arms of the net are also made from carbon and are easy to slot into the spreader block of the gear. The manufacturers have included a Japanese shrink wrap handle that ensures a supreme grip at all times, even if your hands are wet.  

Overall, this product is a great choice, thanks to its strong build, strength, and versatility. 


  • 6 feet carbon handle
  • Features beta-light slot 
  • Great handle grip
  • The solid aluminum spreader block


  • Suitable for novices

NGT 42" Inch Carp Fishing Landing Net

NGT is a leading brand when it comes to the angling market. They never mess around with their carp landing nets while manufacturing. They have crafted this product from industrial-strength, high-quality materials to make it remarkably strong and insusceptible to the thrashings of the catch. 

The NGT Carp Fishing Landing Net is a 42-inch model, which means it is big enough to support the landing of good-sized fishes. It features the brand’s most useful and unique dual net system, which makes everything a lot easier and convenient to handle when you catch a large fish or even a small fish to the land. 

The landing net features a very efficient float system along with a 2-meter telescopic pole handle and easy fixings. With all these distinct features and parameters, this product has many satisfied customers who can vouch for its value for money. At such a low price rate, it is undoubtedly a quality item from an even trustworthy brand. 

The matching black spreader block of the net comes with a stink bag as well as drawstrings. The green mesh for the main body is medium size, whereas the black base mesh is ultra-fine. The net rims are finished and have a deluxe feel to offer extra support to the net. 


  • Stink bag is included with the purchase
  • Fiberglass screw fix net handle
  • Ideal for coarse fishing situation
  • Affordable and easy to carry


  • The landing net doesn’t come with a pole or handle

ZINUO Fishing Net, Angling Landing Nets Fishing Folding Landing Net

Nobody likes being overwhelmed by their tackle and gear as they are heading towards a perfect spot for fishing. This is the main reason why many people prefer to buy collapsible/foldable landing nets to make sure they don’t go through a lot of trouble during their trip. 

The ZINUO Fishing Landing Net is designed and manufactured from high-quality, durable nylon mesh and a strong aluminum alloy. The use of such materials gives it a long life and makes it solid and reliable for long term fishing.

This landing net has a foldable or collapsible design. It comes with a retractable handle that can significantly reduce your space requirements. The net is very small and compact in size to facilities convenient transportation and storage when the product is not in use. 

Another great aspect of ZINUO Fishing Landing Net is the ease of mounting. It comes with a rotary switch that you can use to lock and fasten the net easily. The assembling and setup are easy; even a beginner can assemble this fishing net within a few seconds. 

This fishing-friendly product is water-resistant. There is a non-absorbent coating over the net that prevents it from odor, bacteria accumulation, and absorbing waterlogging. This landing net doesn’t hurt the fish scale and is mostly suitable for river and boat fishing.


  • Long-life and strong
  • Net is very solid and durable
  • Easy mounting
  • Features a waterproof and non-absorbent coating on the net


  • A bit heavy for landing small fish

Roddarch 58 Inch Telescopic Landing Trout Salmon Net


  • Knotless micromesh net protects fish
  • Lightweight and strong construction
  • Ideal for coarse and game fishing
  • Can be collapsed to a small size


  • Some structural weaknesses

Xndryan Fishing Landing Net with Handle, 70-inch Folding Landing Net Salmon Net

The Xndryan Fishing Landing Net is an attractive, well-constructed landing net that comes with unique design and features to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your catch. This product has a little bit of almost everything going for it, which makes it a great contender to be on this list. 

This landing net is of optimum quality, made from durable 4mm grid nylon mesh. The fishing pole is also pretty strong and made up of high-quality stainless steel that is sure to keep performing in the long run. The wading landing net features strong and robust bearings. It can easily hold up to 17.5 kg weight, whereas the pole can endure up to 60 kg. 

The full length of the net is 180cm, pole length is 138cm, folded length is 68.5cm, and the net depth is 38cm. 

The Xndryan Fishing Landing Net is designed with an intensive deep dip net and a wide hoop, which ultimately makes this strong landing net easy to catch and release the fish. The safe fish catching qualities doesn’t hurt the fish scale as well. 

The net is easy to set up and assemble, no advanced or fancy tools are required. A rotary switch is given for better fastening, which means the user can easily assemble the net by himself without needing anyone’s help. Also, it is easy to adjust the handle’s length by rotating the pole’s locking system.  

This telescope fishing net has a foldable net and retractable handle; thus, it is very easy to carry around and store.


  • Portable and foldable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick fish catching and releasing
  • Top-notch quality


  • Not as durable as other nets on the list

How To Choose The Best Landing Nets 2020

A landing net is one of the most important pieces of equipment for an angler, so picking the right and the most suitable one can make or break his day on the river bank.

For a successful and enjoyable fishing experience, there are some features, and factors that every potential buyer must look into before making a final decision. 

Types Of Fishing Nets

There are 3 types of fishing nets available out there i.e., fixed frame, folding, and flying fish.  

Fixed frame landing nets have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but they are a little heavier than folding fishing nets. Apart from this drawback, they are still the most robust and rock steady for the users who like to try landing the live fish.  

Folding landing nets are manufactured and designed to save your space. They are compact and collapsible to make it easy for you to lug the gear within your favorite fishing hole. Some nets can be folded in half while others can fold down in a helix fashion. They are not only great for saving valuable space but also make trekking to the fishing spot easier. 

Fly fishing nets can endure long hours of dunking and wading and can also easily stand up to an aggressive bull trout.

Length Of The Landing Net

It is better to choose a landing net with short handles, especially when going out for stream fishing. For boat fishing lovers, buying landing nets with long handles is an optimum choice. Long handles are perfect for situations where you do not want to lean out far too long over the open bank to land your fish. 

That being said, we think the shorter the handle, the fewer chances of failure.

Handle Of The Landing Net

It is better to go for a landing net with a good quality handle because they are prone to damage and breakage. It is because most of them are made from aluminum that is a very soft material and tends to bend easily. Look out for those fishing nets that are manufactured from thicker aluminum material. Alternatively, you can opt for models that come with strong and durable wooden handles. 

The length of the handle is also very important. Therefore, landing nets with long handles are the best, especially if the angler likes to go for boat fishing. Many fishing nets today feature adjustable handles, so if you are looking for products with good portability and ease of storage, look no further than them.

Shape And Size

Landing nets are available in a wide range of shapes i.e., flat-bottom, oval, teardrop, and circular. Products with 10-12 inches diameter teardrop or circular shape are the best when it comes to landing smaller fishes in shallow water. Flat-bottomed nets, on the other hand, can be used for too much catch and release as they can provide a good view of the caught fish. They also work best to catch larger fishes.

Net size usually depends upon the type of fish you are going to land. The handles over the carp nets can be up to six feet long with net heads of at least 42 inches. Trout nets, when compared to standard nets, are a bit short due to stumpy handles and large openings. For bass, you can go for something with a long handle and a net around 2 feet wide. 

Mesh Material

Most of the landing nets available in the market have three different materials i.e., nylon, rubber, or nylon coated cord.

Nylon is the most popular and typically used material majorly because it is cheap, versatile, and highly durable. Rubber material or rubberized mesh is easy on the fish and an ideal choice for anglers engaged in catch and release. Lastly, coated nylon is suitable for scales and gills, so if these two things are your priority, it is better to look for the nets with a nylon-coated cord.

Final Thoughts

There you go! These are our best landing nets of 2020 that are the best-selling products right now due to their durability and high-quality performance. Regardless of being a beginner or advanced catcher, pick the best product from our list, and enjoy an amazing experience on your next fishing trip.

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