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Best Hooks For Perch Fishing

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Best Hooks For Perch Fishing

The fishing hook is often seen as a simple piece of end tackle. In reality it is actually a lot more complicated. But today we are looking at the best fishing hooks to use to catch perch. As perch only range from around 1-2 lb the most common hook sizes range are 12, 14 and size 16. Hooks should be relatively small, as thin as possible and non reflective. Perch have a bony mouth so its recommended you do not use a barbed hook, even when its legal to do so.

The best hook for catching perch is the F1 Pellet by Guru. You can get them in many tackle shops and online at amazon for size 12 , 14 and 16. If  you want to know more about why i recommend this hook so much then read below and if you find yourself wondering more, take a look at the hook buying guide below.

Guru F1 Pellet

This is my go to hook, for any species like roach, perch and rudd. These hooks are sharp right out the packet until and continue to stay sharp (which is a great way to determine if a hook is high quality). This makes them a really cost effective piece of end tackle. With cheap hooks you may want to consider changing hooks after every cast as they will quickly reduce in ability to catch.

As it says in the name, these hooks are designed for pellet baits and are a perfect match. Using sizes 14 and 16 you can get 2-3 to hold comfortably meaning you wont lose your bait without getting to strike.  This is somewhat due to the sharpness of the thin wire hook.

While the hook wire may be thin there is no compromise when it comes to strength. I have caught small carp on these hooks while fishing for perch and it stands up perfectly. With most hooks you will want to change sizes if the fish in the water are large for the species and vice versa if they are small specimens. With F1 pellet hooks you really only need to be 2 or 3 sizes in order to catch a large variety in species.

Usually when carp bite hooks mean for smaller species, the hook bends and the carp can escape, luckily this has never happened to me with these hooks. I would recommend the barbless hooks as most commercial fisheries ban barbed hooks. This makes it even more important to buy a decent packet of hooks.

Most cheap hooks are silver, meaning they are reflective. This spooks the fish. With medium quality hooks they are often painted or coated with a darker metal such as bronze or nickel. But with the F1 pellet hooks, the finish is a coat of teflon which makes them matt black and unreflective. Perfect for fish which spook easily or are reluctant to bite.

These hooks are usually around 2.5 for a pack of 10 which makes them great value too.

Hook buying guide


Hook sharpness is an important factor to consider, both short term and long term. 

Hook sharpness refers to how sharp a hook is out of the packet and how well a hook remains sharp. This is important for a few reasons, the most important being a sharp hook will set better in a fish mouth. Making sure it is less likely to escape.


Hook gape is the distance between the hooks shank, the straight piece, to the hooks tip. Hook gapes are often standardised so i wouldn’t worry about this as a factor.

Spade-end vs eyed

Spade end hooks have the same shape as, well a spade. With these hooks you need to know how to tie a spade end knot. This is super simple and you will be able to learn in 5 minutes from a youtube video. Here is an example. These hooks are often lighter but this is not important if you are a novice angler.

Eyed hooks allow you to thread the line through the hole and tie any basic knot. This is the easiest hook to rig. But these hooks tend to be heavier.

Wire Diameter

Wire diameter is important, the thickness of the wire should usually has a big effect on the strength and deceptiveness.

Thin wires are harder for fish to see, and make it more likely a fish will bite. However there is no point in a fish biting if the hook breaks or bends. Which is why fishing hooks should be thick enough to have the right strength for your fish. This is mainly why larger fish require bigger hooks.


Metal hooks can be painted or coated.are naturally silver but can be painted or coated to make them less reflective.

The cheapest hooks are usually silver or a reflective colour, this makes them the worst to use against fish which spook easily as the fish can see them much more easily than if it was a darker colour.

Medium quality hooks are often painted or coated with metals such as bronze, to make them brown, or nickel, to make them a dark grey. This is a compromise between being cheap and good for fishing.

High quality hooks for fish that spook easily will be painted dark to be unreflective. The F1 pellet for instance is coated with teflon to make it matt black and unreflective, making it the best for fish that spook easily.

As hooks are not expensive, i would always recommend the hooks which are going to make your fishing trip much more successful.

Kyle Davies

Kyle Davies

Having angled for over 15 years some would say i’m something of an expert. The trouble with learning from experience is, it never stops. Come read along as i review some of the most (and least) popular fishing tackle that you can buy. And join me on my journeys to catch some beautiful fish.

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