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Best Float Rod Under £100

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Overall Best
Daiwa Aqualite Power
Best Value
TF Gear Banshee V2
2nd Best Overall
Shimano Rute Vengeance

When it comes to angling, its important that you have the right gear for the job. That’s why there are as many types of rods as letters in the alphabet.

Each rod generally reflects a technique or species you are targeting. Sometimes it can come down to personal preference or even the location you are fishing.

Float fishing is one of the most common techniques and float rods are one of the most common and affordable rods.

Top 3 Picks

Let’s take a look at our top 3 rods from this list and go over why we picked them!

Best Overall Float Rod Under £100

Our best pick overall is the Daiwa Aqualite Power Float Rod. This one is a bit longer at almost 13ft which is one of the reasons this robust float rod is amazing for distance casting. The high quality construction and balance of the rod are also great. A really solid Rod.

Another Great Float Rod Under £100

Another great option at this price point is the Shimano Rute Vengeance. Being a little shorter than the previous pick this might be a better option for the shorter angler or an angler who is more interested in fishing from a boat or the banks. Another really solid all rounder.

Best Value Float Rod Under £100

Our best value pick is the TF Gear Banshee V2 Float Rod, the rod is a jack of all trades and is capable of a wide variety of fishing rigs and can be adapted to many situations on the spot. Considering that it can do all those things for its price is a great choice for anglers who want to keep cost low and only need one rod.

Best Float Rods Under £100 in 2020

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1. Daiwa Aqualite Power Float Rod

Reasons To buy

  • Lightweight
  • Well balanced
  • Casts long distances
  • Easy to transport

Reasons To Avoid

  • Depending on your hold, the long handle can be annoying.

Daiwa Aqualite Power Review

These 12.80 feet rods are the perfect choice for fishing zander with live baits. Trouble covering distances? Daiwa Aqualite Power float rod has got your back. 

The rod’s backbone is robust and highly resilient, which makes the float fishing easier.

The rods are also well balanced, enabling you to cast the bait at longer distances.

The Daiwa sling reel seat on the Power Float models allows the angler to adjust the balance according to the reel size.

Also, the carbon fibre blank installed is slim in diameter, fast, lightweight, and has a transport length of 53.5 inches.

The titanium oxide guide has ideal size and allows the line stopper to slide through it.

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2. Shimano BeastMaster CX Float Rod

Reasons To buy

  • High-quality brand

Reasons To Avoid 

Shimano BeastMaster CX Float Rod Review

BeastMaster CX series is an upgraded version of an older model.

The updated rod helps to fish in commercial situations without breaking the bank.

The handle is made of cork and EVA. It provides a beautiful grip, adding strength to the angler’s hold.

The tapered butt section prevents the rod from pulling in.

The eyes on the blanks will make your fishing easier by allowing a decent hookup.

The durable blank is made of HPC60 and Biofibre, giving longer casting. The DPS reel seat and FUJI stainless steel guides add charm to the product.

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3. Preston Innovations Carbonactive Mini Float Rod

Reasons To buy 

  • Precision Casting
  • Strong blanks
  • Very versatile

Reasons To Avoid 

PI Carbonactive Mini Float Rod Review

Preston Innovations have created a commercial float rod which is ideal for carp anglers.

This action rod will give an angler the confidence for playing big fish while keeping its trademark of a forgiving hook.

It is an all-rounder option for commercial anglers.

The powerful blank allows you to cast accurately at short as well as longer distances.

The additional length of 11 feet 6 inches comes in handy for longer casts, especially while fishing large wagglers at some distance.

The rod absorbs every action of the big fish, and aids responsiveness when striking.

The rod features fast taper tips and a soft-touch reel seat, which can help in short-range method feeder fishing to long pellet waggler fishing. The line rating for all rods is 3lb- 8lb.

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4. AMP MAP Competition Float Rod

Reasons To buy

  • Ultra-slim blanks
  • Lightweight

Reasons To Avoid

AMP MAP Competition Float Rod Review

These are all-rounder rods – a suitable choice for anglers who wish for pellet and waggler fishing.

The blank of MAP completion float is made of high modulus carbon and is extra slim.

This blank construction makes it lightweight while remaining sturdy enough for longer casts and heavier fish.

It provides an excellent playing action with a lot of strength to tackle fish into double figures.

The rod helps the angler to cast the bait against the wind, to the desired spot. The carbon blank allows punching loaded wagglers and feeders without any trouble.

The rods are available in 11 feet and 12 feet.

MAP competition float rod also features a quality lock down screw reel set and hook keeper ring.


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5. TF Gear Banshee V2 Float Rod

Reasons To buy

  • Very Versatile
  • Easy to transport

Reasons To Avoid

TF Gear Banshee V2 Float Rod Review

The “Swiss army knife” rod has enough strength behind it for a perfect finish.

TF Gear Banshee V2 Float rod is an updated version of the previous rod with upgraded features.

This all-rounder rod converts from 11′ to 13′, suitable and flexible for targeting most species and works for most styles of fishing too fishing. Although I would say, it is most suited to float fishing.

For an enjoyable experience in fighting fish, this rod is quite an optimal choice for anglers. The improved version has a lighter blank and more power.

TF gear Banshee is productive for commercial fishing as well as for using the latest float fishing tactics or latest feeder techniques.

The rod has a custom reel seat and cork handle and comes with a 12 months guarantee.

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6. Shakespeare Sigma Supra Float Rod

Reasons To buy

  • Great Build Quality
  • Great Value For Money
  • Very Versatile

Reasons To Avoid

Shakespeare Sigma Supra Float Rod Review

Shakespeare is another excellent match fishing brand. And they have come along way from their roots as a cheap alternative and now provide quality products.

The Shakespeare Sigma Supra Float rod allows precision casting with a tip that can last against quick and robust jerks from boisterous fish.

This popular match rod has a slim and robust 24-ton Carbon blank with impressive pulling ability.

The screw-down EVA reel seat allows you to easily switch between the reels, for different distances and casting.

 The rod comes with a titanium oxide guide with reduced chances of damage over time, and a quality cork and EVA handle for a comfortable grip.

The quality rod bag, which comes with it, allows you to carry the product easily everywhere.

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7. Shimano Rute Vengeance Float Rod

Reasons To buy

  • Very Affordable
  • Very Comfortable to use

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not As Many Features As Some Others
  • Small Brand

Shimano Rute Vengeance Float Rod Review

If you are looking for pure fishing pleasure at an affordable price, Shimano Rute Vengeance Float Rod can be your pick.

Shimano Rute Vengeance Float Rod is the perfect tool for fishing big coarse fishes on rivers and still water. The rod makes fishing more relaxed and enjoyable. The large rings minimize the chance of the stopper becoming lodged in the guides.

The large-diameter guides make it a popular option for carp fishing. The blank of the rod is constructed from geo-fibre and XT30. The cork and EVA handle makes the grip comfortable and robust. The rod also features a Shimano reel seat.

The rod length is 3.6 m/ 11.81 feet and can cast a weight of 10-30g.

What Makes a Great £100 Float Rod?

Casting and Rod length

To cover greater distances, go for a float rod that can afford to punch a higher weight to the target.

For example, if you are considering casting waggler and pellet to longer distances, try a float rod of longer length.

Longer rods make it easier to get a more favourable arch in the rod and get the angle right.

Adding more weight to the rod will increase the casting range, but for this, you need to ensure your rod is stiff enough for that given weight.

If you are looking for shorter distances, a shorter rod will do the deed.

This is especially true for those fishing from kayaks, boats or just fishing in the margins.

Power and action

Rod power refers to how much weight it takes to bend the rod. Heavy power rods will bend less than medium power which bend less than light power rods.

When do you need a heavier rod power?

  • More substantial Lures require heavier power rods
  • Weighty Line: if you use a light line with a heavy power rod, you will snap the line when you go to set the hook. As heavy power rods transfer more power to the hook.
  • If you fish in places with lots of dense vegetation you will want a heavy power rod to help shift your hook from the vegetation. Meaning you lose less end tackle.

The action of the rod refers to where the bend in the rod occurs. Faster action rods will bend close to the tip of the rod. slow and moderate action rods will bend closer to the middle of the rod.

When do you want a moderate action rod?

  • When you are casting lighter lures, it will allow you to cast further as there is a more uniform bend on the rod.
  • When fishing larger fish. The more uniform bend on the rod allows you to keep tension on the fish. Making they don’t unhook as they get close.

Rod blank and Materials

Rod blanks are usually constructed from carbon graphite compounds. Carbon graphite means the rod blanks will be lightweight while remaining strong and stiff enough to stand up to a beating.

Some rods are also made from fibreglass, which gives the rod a more flexible action and has a softer power and backbone compared to carbon.

Other materials such as grip and handle materials are up to you as materials like cork and foam both function great, and are pretty much angler preference.

Rod Guides

Rod guides are important and help with smooth castability and casting distance, good choices to look for are guides with ceramic inserts or ones made from stainless steel or titanium oxide.

The number of rod guides can also affect rod action and flexibility, with more guides distributing the weight along the rod and actually making the fishing rod less flexible.

Test Curve

The test curve is a measurement of the amount of weight needed to get the rod to bend at a 90-degree angle.

A 3-pound test curve is the standard all-around weight for any rod, while heavier test curves are more suited to longer casting distances, and rod with a test curve of fewer than 3 pounds often won’t have the long-range casting of the higher test curves.

Tackle Weight

Tackle weight is the recommended maximum weight to put on the line. Going over this might mean you snap the line and lose your tackle when you go for that long cast.


Finding an affordable rod which still performs is pretty much every budget anglers dream. At first, it’s challenging to find the right rod for you. Especially if you are beginning to develop your style of fishing.

For some shorter rods, fishing in the margins is more fun. Other prefer longer rods to help with casting farther.

However, with enough experience, an angler can tell which rod might be best for him/her, irrespective of the cost.

Polishing your skills with a compatible rod is more effective than going for expensive gadgets which is more complicated than you need.

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