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Best Fishing Seat Boxes Under £200

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Koala Match Station
Black Samurai
Match Station GTI Sport

Following on from our previous fishing tackle seat boxes under £150, we bring you the best fishing seat boxes under £200. This list contains the best quality money can and are geared more towards the seasoned pro’s.

These seat boxes provide somewhere comfortable to sit while fishing and somewhere to store your gear.

Top 5 Fishing Tackle Boxes Under £200 Reviewed in 2020

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1. Match Station GTI Sport Seat Box

Reasons To buy

  • Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • 360 Degree swivel feet
  • Good storage Width 41 x Depth 29 x Height 12 cm

Reasons To Avoid

  • The seat could be a little more cushioned

Match Station GTI Sport Seat Box Review

The New Match Station GTI Sport Box uses Weight reducing lightweight aluminium and robust plastic, the leg system has large hand wheels to ensure quick and secure height positioning using a push to lock system.

Allowing you to safely sit on uneven terrain.

The seat is equipped with a folding backrest – which if required can be easily removed as it fixed to the marine ply lining under the seat itself.

This New generation seat box is a great starter box or for someone who is conscious about the weight.

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2. Maver Reality Seatbox

Reasons To buy

  • Lightweight Box
    Padded seat cushion
    Two front drawers and generous storage

Reasons To Avoid 

  • No back support

Maver Reality Seatbox Review

The Maver Reality Seat box comes in under £150 and in the second place, it’s easy to see where it excels and where it doesn’t quite match the match station seat.

Having said this, it still beats most boxes which retail for double the price point. This entry-level box from Maver provides a generous amount of storage and heavy-duty legs.

The seat is also pretty comfortable but the lack of backrest is a pretty big negative for me, as someone sometimes suffers from back pain.

If you go fishing once a week or less, then that shouldn’t be a big problem. It’s priced well, is strong and has a lot of storage.

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Reasons To buy 

  • Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • 360 Degree swivel mud feet
  • Customisable

Reasons To Avoid 

  • A little more expensive


The MATCH STATION range of MODBOX seat box brings the most up to date materials fittings and fixtures all together to form an amazing.

The new leg system has large hand wheels to ensure quick and secure height positioning using a pull to lock system as opposed to the traditional push to lock.

As the name suggests this MODBOX allows you to add or remove drawer sections, seat arrangements, base systems or footplates to make this box a truly 100% versatile piece of equipment to suit your own needs be it for personal use or a specific venue.

This new generation seat box is the best we have made yet at a realistic price.

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4. Black Samurai Fishing Tackle Box

Reasons To buy

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Storage Cooler

Reasons To Avoid

  • No back support
  • Little tackle storage

Black Samurai Fishing Tackle Box Review

This stylish fishing seat and tackle box brought to you by Lui UK, the Black Samurai fishing tackle seat box brings sturdiness, storage, value for money and is also a cooler.

While the cooling feature might not actually be useful to many, it is useful for those who don’t catch and release. Or just want to bring a few beers along.

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5. Koala Match Station GTI Sport Canal Seat box

Reasons To buy

  • Lightweight Aluminium Frame
  • 360 Degree swivel feet
  • Good storage Width 41 x Depth 29 x Height 12 cm
  • Great value and good quality seat
  • Rod rest

Reasons To Avoid

  • The seat could be a little more cushioned

Koala Match Station GTI Sport Canal Seat box Review

This Seat box is an amped up version of the match station seat by Match Station, but for £50 extra i wouldn’t say it is value for money UNLESS you fish with multiple rods.

The rod stand really does come in handy usually in match fishing with 2 or more rods.

It is a sturdy well made box, which will carry everything you need, Looks good, and has adjustable legs, which means you can buy all the outriggers you require, such as bait trays.

How To Choose The Best Fishing Seat Box Under £200?

There are many factors, elements, and features to consider when buying a fishing seat box. A box that is a perfect match for one angler might be a completely wrong choice for another. This is the main reason why it is very important to pick a fishing seat box with unique, advanced features and good customer ratings/reviews.

In this buying guide, we are going to list down some of the most crucial factors and features that are important to acknowledge before making a final decision. Read out the article to get fully informed about multiple possibilities and the ways to find the best product according to your needs by using surefire criteria.

Size Of The Fishing Seat Box

When searching for the best product in the market, size is one of the most significant factors to consider. Every fisherman needs a box that is large enough to store all of his fishing supplies while still being compact and easy to carry around. Though you may be tempted to go for the largest product available out there, but first, try to know if you need all the extra storage space or not.

To get the right-sized box, you can compare the size of the product with your closet. You can easily go for an extra-large, heavy-duty box with multiple storage compartments to fit your gear and tackle. Alternatively, you can size down and choose the item based on particular equipment that you might need for a trip.

Bigger is indeed a better option, but when fishing seat boxes are concerned, you should always go for a mid-sized option that is spacious yet portable.

Space And Room

Before buying a good quality fishing seat box, you should also consider the amount of room and space available and if it can help you keep your tools and supplies. A good box should have sufficient space for your every requirement alongside multiple trays and compartments to keep your gears separate, easy to spot/access, and neatly organized.

If you are a multi-space angler or like to go on extended fishing adventures with multiple baits and lures, go for a product with as much space as possible. If you go for fishing only occasionally, look for a standard box with just enough room for your stuff.

Hard fishing boxes usually come with sliding drawers or folding trays, so it is easy for the user to keep fishing gear organized and separated. Moreover, they feature space on top of the box for keeping bigger items like tools, reels, and spools, etc.

Soft fishing boxes, on the other hand, comes with inner adjustable compartments, and spaces/hoops for attachment accessories like rods. They also have multiple exterior pockets and removable trays, so they are also adaptable and easy to organize.

Storage Space

Get a fishing seat box with enough storage space to keep your gear safe before and after fishing. Ensure that the product has plenty of storage options both outside and inside of the box to make it easy for you to organize and access everything required on the trip.


The material of the fishing seat box depends majorly on its design and style. Hard case boxes are usually made from plastic or metal, whereas soft case boxes are of polyester and sometimes nylon. None of these materials can be considered supreme, as all of them have their own pros and cons.

Plastic is very light in weight. It is also easy to clean, does not retain odour, and is corrosion-free. Metal is considered more durable than plastic, but at times, it is prone to rust subjected to the kind of alloy used in its manufacturing. Fabric is even more lightweight as compared to plastic.

But the biggest advantage is the pliable qualities that make it easier to compress while travelling.

However, there is a foolproof way to make sure that the fishing box’s material lives up to your expectations.

Ensure that the material of the box is of high-grade quality. Make sure it is BPA free and non-toxic (if plastic). If you prefer nylon, assure that it is of durable variety like ripstop nylon with waterproof coating. Metal is a great choice, and if you want to buy one, go for a corrosion-free model, for example, stainless steel.

Regardless of the material you want to buy, remember that quality is the key to a good experience. Check out the customer reviews and ratings about a particular product to be sure of its water-resistance, quality, wear/tear, and durability.

Though it may be a lengthy process, if you want your product to perform efficiently in the long run, do your thorough research before buying.


If you want to buy a fishing box with the intention of using it for a long, long time to come, then look for a model that has good value for money.

Fishing seat boxes made from hard plastic are the best in terms of durability. They are also quite strong and waterproof. Boxes with other materials are usually never completely waterproof, and they also don’t last as long as the plastic ones.

To ensure you are buying a durable product, choose a box that is well-made and well-constructed. Hardened or molded plastic boxes provide better resistance against staining, weather, and wear/tear and are also not susceptible to damage even if exposed to water for a longer duration.

Also, make sure that the handles and hinges of the box are strong and functional. If resistance against water is your main concern,  make sure that the box is fully waterproof and doesn’t leak while fishing.


Another important factor to consider before buying a fishing seat box is its compactness and portability. Make sure that the product you are buying can be carried to different areas appropriately and easily.

It should come with an adjustable carry strap or shoulder strap for convenient travel and access to fishing gear.

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