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Best Carp Rods Money Can Buy

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Best Specialty
Nash Scope Black Ops
Best Value
Greys Xlerate Carp Rod
Best Overall
Daiwa Basia Df X45

Carp fishing rods have unique features and designs to excel in presentations and methods for carp fishing, having different blank construction and actions along with lengths that stand out from rods specifically designed for other species.

Now this list has the most expensive options, the best carp rods on the market. I have made articles for all budgets, including under £50, Under 100 and Under £200.

Let’s take a look at our picks for the best carp rods on the market today and what makes them so great. 

Top 3 Picks

Let’s take a look at our top 3 rods from this list and go over why we picked them!

Best Overall Carp Rod

Our best pick overall is the Sonik Insurgent. The Insurgent has the right features, is built from high-quality materials, and has a price point that is up to par, giving the angler an all-around great rod that will work in a wide variety of situations.

Best Carp Rod for

Our pick for best carp rod for beginners in this category is the Shimano Tribal TX1. It’s an “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” style of rod that is no-nonsense and utilitarian, simplifying the type and giving anglers a rod that just flat out works for anyone.

Best Value Carp Rod

Our best value pick is the TF Gear Compact, the rod is a jack of all trades and is capable of a wide variety of fishing presentations and can be adjusted to many situations on the spot. Considering that it can do all those things for its price is a great choice for anglers who want to keep cost low and only need one rod.

Best Carp Rods Reviewed in 2020

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1. Daiwa Basia AGS Rod

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Daiwa Basia AGS Rod Review

The Basia is one of the most modern designed rods built by a company that is no stranger to pushing the envelope of rod design.

Daiwa has made this rod from their all-carbon technology, and there has never been a rod quite like it available before.

The rod blank is an Ultra high-grade carbon core armoured in X45, with a silk matte, low glare finish to minimize reflectivity and your chances of spooking close up fish.

The blanks are also a slimmer reduced diameter blank with MT tip action with a shrink tube handle and Fuji reel seat.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this rod is the all-carbon graphite line guides, these are unique and make the overall rod weight extremely light compared to other rods on the market without sacrificing much in terms of strength.

This rod is for the serious carp angler, and it sports some features you won’t find anywhere else. 

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2. Nash Scope Black Ops Rod

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Nash Scope Black Ops Rod Review

Nash makes some of the best carp fishing rods on the market, and the black ops rod is quite possibly one of the coolest looking carp rods out there.

Not only does it look cool, but it also has some great features and is made with high-quality components.

The Black Ops features the highest grade fittings to have ever been used on any Nash production rod.

It is featuring Alps ARD matte black reel fittings with knurled twin lock collars to give it a design that is as minimalist as possible while sporting a custom look that will turn your fellow anglers heads.

The rod also features Pacific Bay high standoff minima guides, from the 50 mm rod but to the anti frap guide tip as well as five variants from 6 to 10 feet in test curves of 3 to 3.5 pounds.

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3. Daiwa Basia DF X45

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Daiwa Basia DF X45 Review

The Basia DC X45 is the standard version of the Daiwa Basia featured earlier on this list, but don’t think of an inferior product when I say standard.

This version has higher straight-line accuracy and torque resistance, the rod also has a similar MT magnum taper as the Basia AGS, and uses the same X45 bias carbon material in its blank construction.

The weight of the DF is 10% less than other rods with similar components and has 4 Minima guides which help with making the weight reduction possible. 

This series of DF also comes with a cork handled option, giving you more choices to choose the rod that fits your needs.

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4. Shimano Tribal TX2

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Shimano Tribal TX2 Review

The Tribal TX2 by Shimano is a great carp fishing rod that comes at a stellar price point to boot.

But many of the features are something that you could find on the more expensive carp fishing rods on the market.

The Tribal TX2 rod comes in an absolute ton of lengths and test curves, giving you options for every single fishing condition.

The Tribal TX2 has some fantastic features.

The precision manufacturing process Shimano use combined with the TX60 carbon results in extremely lightweight yet durable rod blanks.

This rod also sports six stainless steel hardlite guides which distribute the weight more evenly across the rod.

Shimano also added a protective line clip to fix your line to and make it easy to walk around with your rod already setup.

And a DPS-type reel seat, the blank construction also gives the rod excellent long-range casting and action for the longer variants and plenty of flex even on the shorter options, making it a stellar rod when it comes to fighting large fish like carp.

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5. Trakker Propel Spod/Marker Rod

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Trakker Propel Spod/Marker Rod Review

The Propel is designed to cast extremely long distances and at the same time keeping its accuracy at an all-time high.

It has a rapid tip recovery to help aid in the long-distance and accuracy department, and an incredibly powerful fast taper to make bait up extremely easy and effortless.

Other features of the Propel include Fuji reel seats, anti frap rip ring allowing for comfort and exceptionally smooth casting,  Full shrink wrap handle with aluminium alloy collar, and even a canvas travel bag to prevent tangling and damage during transit or storage.

The rods also have several variants from 12to 13 feet, making it perfect for using spods and markers and getting them way out to the spots you need them to be. 

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6. Daiwa Infinity EVO SP

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Daiwa Infinity EVO SP Review

Yep, it’s another Daiwa offering! They have so many exceptional carp fishing rods on the market that it’s hard not to have multiple offerings of theirs on the list.

The Infinity EVO SP is another excellent top of the line carp rod by Daiwa. The SP stands for “Slim Power” because that’s the overall theme of this rod, it features a slim X45 carbon blank that still maintains exceptional power.

It’s coming in at 12 feet for outstanding long-distance casting performance as well as having that long curving flex that is crucial when it comes to fighting big carp.

Daiwa gives anglers a choice when it comes to reel seats, and the rod comes in 2 different variants to choose from, either ALPS or a Fuji reel seat.

The rod comes with test curve variants between 3 to 3.5 pounds, with the 3.5-pound options capable of making casts of 150 yards with relative ease!

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7. Grey’s Xlerate Carp Rods

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Grey’s Xlerate Carp Rods Review

The SeaKnight Yasha is a four-piece rod setup that is made with high-quality carbon blanks.

The guides are High-quality stainless steel with ceramic inserts and there are a total of eight guides with a length of ten feet giving ultimate casting distance and performance.

The reel seat is very ergonomic with no sharp angles and features a soft-touch coating for comfort and dependable grip.

The Yasha also has a split grip setup using premium-grade cork and a cork handle as well.

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8. Sonik Vader

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Sonik Vader Review

The Vader by Sonik has become a smash hit since it hit the carp fishing market.

The value you get from this rod with lots of features is probably a big reason for the popularity of this rod.

The slim, lightweight and high-quality carbon blanks have an exceptional casting action and fast tip recovery for long-distance casts with superb accuracy.

The rods also feature Sonik’s custom reel seat and line clip as well as blackened SIC guides, cool and aesthetic etched butt cap, and anti frap tips.

This rod looks good too, there’s just something about it that catches the eye.

There are a few variants with lengths from 10 to 13 feet and test curves with 3 to 3.5 pounds.

There’s even a 12 spod/marker variant with a test curve of 4.5 pounds to get your stuff out there.

What Makes The Best Carp Rod?

Casting and Rod length

Most anglers have their own personal preference when it comes to the length of the fishing rod they use. But in general its a pretty important factor when you are buying a carp rod.

Longer rods are better at casting longer and better at landing larger fish. So if you are targeting really big carp in more open lakes with islands then you will want to go for a better casting rod.

If you are planning on stalking carp then you will want a carp rod that is 10 foot or shorter. These rods sacrifice some distance on casting but are easier to carry around, cast near trees and stalking carp.

Power and action

Rod Power and Rod Action are both responsible for how strong and how flexible a rod is.

Faster action rods have a more flexible top third whilst slower action rods bend more evenly across the length of the rod.

Fast action tips tend to be the most popular.

After all, it looks cool when the rod bends and it helps notice when you have a bite too.

Through action, rods have a more even weight distribution but are less firm throughout the rod.

Rod blank and Materials

Most Rod blanks these days are made from carbon graphite materials, and for good reason, they offer an incredibly lightweight rod while giving great strength when compared to other materials.

Some rods are also made from fibreglass, which gives the rod a more flexible action and has a softer power and backbone compared to carbon.

Other materials such as grip and handle materials are up to you as materials like cork and foam both function great, and are pretty much angler preference.

Rod Guides

Rod guides are important and help with smooth castability and casting distance, good choices to look for are guides with ceramic inserts or ones made from stainless steel or titanium oxide.

The number of rod guides can also affect rod action and flexibility, with more guides distributing the weight along the rod and actually making the fishing rod less flexible.

Test Curve

The test curve is a measurement of the amount of weight needed to get the rod to bend at a 90-degree angle.

A 3-pound test curve is the standard all-around weight for any carp rod, while heavier test curves are more suited to longer casting distances, and rod with a test curve of fewer than 3 pounds are softed won’t have the long-range casting of the higher test curves.

Tackle Weight

Carp rods usually specify that it can throw bait up to a certain weight. Going over the specified weight can reduce castability by overloading the backbone of the rod and negatively affecting casting distance.


This list features some of the top dog absolute best carp rods on the market, destined to help you become a great carp angler, and wielding one is sure to make your fellow carp anglers on the bank jealous with envy.

But brand names and sleek looks aside these are the best quality rods out there made by some of the best names in the fishing industry, if you’re serious about your carp angling and insist on the best out there, you don’t need to look any further.

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