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Best Carp Rod Under £100

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Daiwa Black Widow
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TF Gear Compact
Best Carp Rod
Nash Dwarf Carp Rods

In this article, we will take a look at the best carp rods under £100.

There are a plethora of carp fishing rods on the market for in many price ranges, here we are going to look at some rods that are mid-range in terms of price, something that most people could afford.

We will go into the features and offerings of each rod we pick, and we will also be picking our best 3 rods in this category.

Top 3 Picks

Best overall Carp rod under £100

Our pick for the best overall carp rod under £100 is the Nash Dwarf series of rods, they are constructed of very high-quality materials and have a model in the lineup for any situation you can think of from short work to long-distance casting, not to mention multiple test curves of each length. The price point is also excellent.

Best Value Carp Rod

Our best value pick is the TF Gear Compact, the rod is a jack of all trades and is capable of a wide variety of fishing presentations and can be adjusted to many situations on the spot. Considering that it can do all those things for its price is a great choice for anglers who want to keep cost low and only need one rod.

Best Carp Rod under £100 for Beginners 

Our pick for best carp rod for beginners in this price range is the Shimano Tribal TX1. it’s an “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” style of rod that is no-nonsense and utilitarian, simplifying the type and giving anglers a rod that just flat out works for anyone.

Best Carp Rods Under £100 Reviewed in 2020

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1. Daiwa Black Widow Carp Rod

Reasons To buy 

  • Quality Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Slim and Sleek Design

Reasons To Avoid 

Daiwa Black Widow Review

Let’s be honest, Daiwa is one of the best fishing brands out there today and is certainly one of my favourite choices when it comes to rods and reels alike.

The Daiwa Black Widow is no exception, created using extremely thin and high strength Carbon blanks giving the angler a rod that is very lightweight.

The thin blanks also have a soft action that helps with casting demanding baits such as floating presentations like bread. But don’t let the lightweight and soft action fool you, it also has great power reserves for when that big carp takes the bait and the fight is on.

There are multiple variants of the rod with test curves of 3 to 3.75 pounds and comes in various lengths from 11 to 12.75 feet. And last but not least the rod comes with high-quality titanium oxide guides that are double legged for great durability and reliability.

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2. TF2 Gear Banshee V2 Carp Rod

Reasons To buy 

  • Very Versatile
  • Great Build Quality
  • Great All Rounder For Carp Fishing

Reasons To Avoid 

TF2 Gear Banshee V2 Carp Rod Review

The TF2 Gear Banshee V2 has an awesome selection and rod variants and a host of great features at a very affordable price point.

There are six rods to choose from 9 or 12 feet in length with test curves of 2.5lbs, 2.75lbs, 3lbs, 3.25lbs, and 3.5lbs, so you most certainly have a wide variety of models to choose from here, and there should be something that any carp angler can find for any need.

The rods come in two sections and the rods are made from high modulus carbon blanks, these blanks produce amazing sensitivity, casting distance, balance and power.

The rod also features 3 different push in feeder tips similar to a feeder rod and a year warranty against defects.

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3. Avid Exodus Carp Rod

Reasons To buy

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Great Design

Reasons To Avoid

  • One of the more expensive on the list

Avid Exodus Carp Rod Review

The Avid Exodus carp rod is an extremely versatile and great all-around carp rod.

Utilising a lightweight blank made from high modulus 3k Carbon weave technology, giving the rod exceptional performance and an eye-catching look and is a feature that is hard to beat at this price range, and should certainly not be overlooked.

The Exodus has a forgiving action that is crisp and responsive and stands up to sudden hook sets and hard fights with giant carp.

This rod is one of the best looking rods on the list and features a laser-etched butt cap and matte black finish carbon weaved finish.

The rod is also available in several different lengths and test curves.

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4. Wychwood Extremis FC

Reasons To buy

  • Good Build Quality
  • Good Distance Caster

Reasons To Avoid

  • Lacking Value For Money

Wychwood Extremis FC Review

The Wychwood Extremis is one heavy-hitting carp rod.

Featuring a high modulus carbon blank the rod sports an amazing blend of strength, reliability and performance which will stand the test of time and give you exceptional quality on the water for years.

The rod features exceptional long casting capabilities while maintaining the ability to fight large fish.

Other features of this rod are tangle-free line guides and a DPS reel seat.

There are also many variants of the rod to choose from and even features to choose from, you can pick either a full cork or full duplon butt end and handle.

All rod models of the Extremis are 12 feet but come with varying test curves of 3, 3.25 and 3.5 pounds. Oh, did we mention the laser-etched butt caps? That’s pretty cool too.

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5. Sonik Xtractor

Reasons To buy

  • High Quality
  • Easy to Transport

Reasons To Avoid

Sonik Xtractor Review

The Xtractor was created due to the growing popularity of telescoping carp fishing rods. The partly telescopic feature makes it easier to transport rods and fits into confined spaces easier, and if you’re travelling in a small car, or walking through thick underbrush this helps massively.

Other features of this rod are the ceramic insert line guides for long casting performance and smooth line retrieves when fighting fish, a premium grade cork butt and handle, and 17mm Black DPS Roll Holder for all Large Pit Rolls.

The rod comes in several variants, from 6 feet to 10 feet, and test curves ranging from 2.75 to 3.5 pounds.

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6. Kodex Kompact

Reasons To buy

  • Great Build Quality
  • Great Value For Money
  • Very Versatile

Reasons To Avoid

Kodex Kompact Review

The Kompact rod can break down into a compact 42 inches in length, making it incredibly easy to transport to and from your favourite fishing spots. And, when rigged, is 9 feet in length with an additional 1-foot section which can be added for long-distance casting situations.

Despite being 9 feet in length it still has all the fish fighting capabilities of a longer 12-foot rod.

Other features of the rod include a carbon line clip, Black chrome legged guides, screw-up style reel seat, 40mm but ring, and a soft-touch slim handle giving the angler great ergonomics and grip in all weather conditions.

In addition to these features, it also comes with a custom set of Kodex rod wraps. The test weight of the Kompact is 3 pounds.

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7. Shimano Tribal TX1

Reasons To buy

  • Great Brand
  • Very Affordable
  • Great At Distance Casting

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not As Many Features As Some Others

Shimano Tribal TX1 Review

The Tribal TX1 by Shimano was developed with anglers with a small budget and beginners in mind.

But many of the features are something that you could find on more expensive rods on the market.

Some of the features of the Tribal TX1 are six of Shimano’s stainless steel Hardlite guides, protective line clip, and a DPS-type reel seat.

The rod has a test curve of 3.5 pounds, giving the rod excellent long-range casting and action when it comes to fighting large fish like carp.

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8. TF Gear Compact

Reasons To buy

  • Versatile
  • Good Quality

Reasons To Avoid

TF Gear Compact Review

The TF Gear Compact is truly a jack of all trades and can do it all. Light feeder fishing in small lakes, float fishing, long-distance casting situations, fishing heavy wagglers for giant carp?

The Compact has it all covered. This rod comes with three quiver tips so you can change them out depending on your situation and needs.

The Compact is great for accurate casting and even has an extension to convert the rod from 8 feet to 10 feet.

Featuring EVA grips, Carbon blanks and premium components and construction, the Compact will work for virtually all your carp fishing needs.

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9. Nash Dwarf

Reasons To buy

  • Best Build Quality
  • Best Design
  • Great Brand

Reasons To Avoid

Nash Dwarf Review

The Nash series of fishing products is truly impressive and is one of our favourite go-to brands. With exceptional quality and high performing products, the rods and reels are also very nice looking with a distinct style.

The Dwarf comes in nine different variants to suit literally all carp angling needs from 6-foot rods designed for margin work around bushes and thick areas to 10-foot rods that have incredible long-distance casting performance and fish fighting abilities.

Other features included in this great rod are, Line clip and blank alignment markers, Matt black tapered butt cap and black whippings, Reverse mounted Minima ringing with anti-frap tip guides for ultra-smooth casting.

The Dwarf series of rods have test curves of 1 pound to 3.25 pounds depending on the model length and has every situation covered when it comes to carp angling.

What Makes The Best Carp Rod Under £100?

Casting and Rod length

Rod length is an important consideration when looking for a carp fishing rod, and it’s also a preferential consideration from one angler to the next.

Longer rods provide longer casting distances and are more flexible when fighting a fish, but that also has to do with the test curve as well.

Shorter rods are great for constricted areas or in situations where you don’t need to worry about long casts, giving you better casting in enclosed areas where a 12-foot rod might be impractical.

Power and action

Power and action dictate the strength and flexibility of a rod. Fast actions have a whippy and flexible top 1/3rd of the rod with a lot of backbone in the other 2/3rds fast action tips are very popular in most types of rods.

Through actions have a continuous softer action throughout the entire rod, but have less backbone.

Middle to tip rods are kind of a hybrid of the other two, and feature attributes of each.

Rod blank and Materials

Most Rod blanks these days are made from carbon graphite materials, and for good reason, they offer an incredibly lightweight rod while giving great strength when compared to other materials.

Some rods are also made from fibreglass, which gives the rod a more flexible action and has a softer power and backbone compared to carbon.

Other materials such as grip and handle materials are up to you as materials like cork and foam both function great, and are pretty much angler preference.

Rod Guides

Rod guides are important and help with smooth castability and casting distance, good choices to look for are guides with ceramic inserts or ones made from stainless steel or titanium oxide.

The number of rod guides can also affect rod action and flexibility, with more guides distributing the weight along the rod and actually making the fishing rod less flexible.

Test Curve

The test curve is a measurement of the amount of weight needed to get the rod to bend at a 90-degree angle.

A 3-pound test curve is the standard all-around weight for any carp rod, while heavier test curves are more suited to longer casting distances, and rod with a test curve of fewer than 3 pounds are softed won’t have the long-range casting of the higher test curves.

Tackle Weight

Carp rods usually specify that it can throw bait up to a certain weight. Going over the specified weight can reduce castability by overloading the backbone of the rod and negatively affecting casting distance.


Carp rods at this price range are coming in with some amazing features and abilities. Still reasonably priced for beginning anglers who may not want to stick a ton of money into the sport or for anglers on a budget, but for £100 your not getting some cheap shopping centre rod, they are loaded with features that will suit anybody from pros to beginners and get the job done every time you hit the water.

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