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Best 10 Ft Carp Rods

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Best For Beginners
Shimano Tribal TX1
Best Value
TF Gear Compact
Best Overall
Sonik Insurgent

The ten foot length rod is arguably the most used length when it comes to carp fishing rods.

In this article, we are going to take a look at our pick for the best carp rods at this length and their features, from there we will pick our top 3 rods on the list and help find a rod that best suits your needs.

Top 3 Picks

Let’s take a look at our top 3 rods from this list and go over why we picked them!

Best Overall 10 Foot Carp Rod

Our best pick overall is the Sonik Insurgent. The Insurgent has the right features, is built from high-quality materials, and has a price point that is up to par, giving the angler an all-around great rod that will work in a wide variety of situations.

Best 10 foot Carp Rod for Beginners

Our pick for best carp rod for beginners in this category is the Shimano Tribal TX1. It’s an “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” style of rod that is no-nonsense and utilitarian, simplifying the type and giving anglers a rod that just flat out works for anyone.

Best Value 10ft Carp Rod

Our best value pick is the TF Gear Compact, the rod is a jack of all trades and is capable of a wide variety of fishing presentations and can be adjusted to many situations on the spot. Considering that it can do all those things for its price is a great choice for anglers who want to keep cost low and only need one rod.

Best 10ft Carp Rods Reviewed in 2020

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1. Sonik Insurgent

Reasons To buy

  • Easy to transport
  • Strong

Reasons To Avoid

  • Bit Heavy

Sonik Insurgent Review

The Sonik Insurgent is not only one of the coolest named fishing rods,  it’s also a telescoping rod design where the blank of the rod retracts into the butt end.

Constructed using high modulus TORAY carbon fiber giving the rod great reliability, durability and performance.

The rod also features a Fuji DPS reel seat, Super-light M-SERIES DL black guides, slim japanese shrink tube handle, and an anodized butt cap.

The rod has two lengths of 9 and ten feet, and test curves for each rod are 2.75 to 3 pounds for the 9 foot rod and 3, 3.25, and 3.5 for the 10 foot rod.

Giving the angler multiple options to choose from depending on wants and needs.

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2. Preston Carbonactive Supera

Reasons To buy

  • Good Company
  • Good all-rounder

Reasons To Avoid 

Preston Carbonactive Supera Review

The Supera is a great all-around rod that works in virtually all conditions and has an excellent performance in flexibility and versatility.

The rod is constructed from high-quality carbon with a carbon tip that fuses to the lower blank giving the angler an excellent long-distance casting rod.

All rods come with three different quiver tips as well which allow anglers to switch out tips depending on their needs.

The rod also features a combination between EVA foam and Cork handle and butt on the same rod.

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3. TF Gear Compact

Reasons To buy 

  • Great Company
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Transport

Reasons To Avoid 

  • There’s better options for stalking carp

TF Gear Compact Review

The TF Gear Compact is truly a jack of all trades and can do it all.

Light feeder fishing in small lakes, float fishing, long distance casting situations, fishing heavy wagglers for giant carp? The Compact has it all covered.

The compact comes with three quiver tips so you can change them out depending on your situation and needs.

The Compact is great for accurate casting and even has an extension to convert the rod from 8 feet to 10 feet.

Featuring EVA grips, Carbon blanks and premium components and construction, the Compact will work for virtually all your carp fishing needs.

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4. Daiwa Black Widow

Reasons To buy

  • Another Quality Company
  • Lightweight
  • Feature Rich

Reasons To Avoid

Daiwa Black Widow Review

Daiwa is a fish product producing powerhouse and the company creates tons of rods, reels, and more for anglers of all species.

The Daiwa Black Widow is created using extremely thin, high strength Carbon blanks giving the angler a rod that is very lightweight.

The thin blanks also have a soft action that helps with casting demanding baits such as floating presentations like bread or boilies.

But don’t let the lightweight and soft action fool you, it also has great power reserves for when that big carp takes the bait and the fight is on.

There are multiple variants of the rod with test curves of 3 to 3.75 pounds and comes in various lengths from 11 to 12.75 feet.

And last but not least the rod comes with high-quality titanium oxide guides that are double legged for great durability and reliability.

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5. Nash Dwarf

Reasons To buy

  • Best Carp Stalker
  • Very Versatile
  • Easy to transport

Reasons To Avoid

Nash Dwarf Review

Nash is a company dedicated to the carp angler and they have plenty of great products on the market for all carp angling needs, but the Dwarf really shines in this category.

The Dwarf comes in nine different variants to suit literally all carp angling needs from 6-foot rods designed for close-in work around bushes and thick areas, to 10-foot rods that have incredibly long distance casting performance and fish fighting abilities.

Other features included in this great rod are, Line clip and blank alignment markers, Matt black tapered butt cap and black whippings, reverse mounted Minima ringing with anti-frap tip guides for ultra-smooth casting.

The Dwarf series of rods have test curves of 1 pound to 3.25 pounds depending on the model length and has every situation covered when it comes to carp angling.

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6. Shakespeare Cypry Carp Rod

Reasons To buy

  • Great Build Quality
  • Great Value For Money
  • Very Versatile

Reasons To Avoid

Shakespeare Cypry Carp Rod Review

Most anglers around the world are familiar with the name Shakespeare, they have been around for a long time and in an industry that demands quality, their longevity is a statement that says quality.

The Shakespeare Cypry carp rod comes in 4 different models and test curves from 12’ to 13’ each in either 2 piece or 3 piece setups.

This rod is really popular for all carp anglers on a tight budget.

Featuring a slim carbon blank construction, through action blanks, Quality titanium oxide guides, DPS reel seats, and through action blanks.

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7. SeaKnight Yasha

Reasons To buy

  • Very Affordable
  • Very Comfortable to use

Reasons To Avoid

  • Not As Many Features As Some Others
  • Small Brand

SeaKnight Yasha Review

The SeaKnight Yasha is a four-piece rod setup that is made with high-quality carbon blanks.

The guides are High-quality stainless steel with ceramic inserts and there are a total of eight guides with a length of ten feet giving ultimate casting distance and performance.

The reel seat is very ergonomic with no sharp angles and features a soft-touch coating for comfort and dependable grip.

The Yasha also has a split grip setup using premium-grade cork and a cork handle as well.

What Makes a Great 10 foot Carp Rod?

Casting and Rod length

Most anglers have their own personal preference when it comes to the length of the fishing rod they use. But in general its a pretty important factor when you are buying a carp rod.

10ft and longer; rods are better at casting longer and better at landing larger fish. So if you are targeting really big carp in more open lakes with islands then you will want to go for a better casting rod.

If you are planning on stalking carp then you will want a rod that is 10 foot or shorter. These rods sacrifice some distance on casting but are easier to carry around, cast near trees and stalking carp.

Power and action

The power of a rod simply refers to how much power, or weight it takes to bend the rod. Heavy Rods will bend less than medium rods and so forth.

When do you need a heavier rod power?

  • Heavier Lures require heavier rods
  • Heavier Line: if you use a light line with a heavy power rod, you will snap the line when you go to set the hook.
  • If you fish in places with lots of vegetation you will want a heavy power rod to help remove your hook from the vegetation. Meaning you lose less tackle.

The action of the rod refers to where the bend in the rod occurs. Faster action rods will bend close to the tip of the rod. slow and moderate action rods will bend closer to the middle of the rod.

When do you want a moderate action rod?

  • When you are casting lighter lures, it will allow you to cast further as there is a more uniform bend on the rod.
  • When fishing larger fish. The more uniform bend on the rod allows you to keep tension on the fish. Making they don’t unhook as they get close.

Rod blank and Materials

Most Rod blanks these days are made from carbon graphite materials, and for good reason, they offer an incredibly lightweight rod while giving great strength when compared to other materials.

Some rods are also made from fibreglass, which gives the rod a more flexible action and has a softer power and backbone compared to carbon.

Other materials such as grip and handle materials are up to you as materials like cork and foam both function great, and are pretty much angler preference.

Rod Guides

Rod guides are important and help with smooth castability and casting distance, good choices to look for are guides with ceramic inserts or ones made from stainless steel or titanium oxide.

The number of rod guides can also affect rod action and flexibility, with more guides distributing the weight along the rod and actually making the fishing rod less flexible.

Test Curve

The test curve is a measurement of the amount of weight needed to get the rod to bend at a 90-degree angle.

A 3-pound test curve is the standard all-around weight for any carp rod, while heavier test curves are more suited to longer casting distances, and rod with a test curve of fewer than 3 pounds are softed won’t have the long-range casting of the higher test curves.

Tackle Weight

Carp rods usually specify that it can throw bait up to a certain weight. Going over the specified weight can reduce castability by overloading the backbone of the rod and negatively affecting casting distance.


10-foot carp rods are essentially your jack of all trades but master of none rod.

While you will get long-distance casting, it would be as much as a 12 foot or longer rod, but it will definitely be more than a 6-foot rod.

This mindset can be applied to most attributes when it comes to a carp rod.

But it does everything pretty dang well, and you should have a rod at this length even if it is your only one.

We featured our favourite brands and models of fishing rods in this article, and they will definitely excel in the roles they were created for with any angler from beginner to seasoned pro.

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